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CCDP Membership

Members of CCDP belong to a Collaborative community that exists to champion respect and dignity in conflict resolution. CCDP connects Collaborative professionals and provides members with access to the education and developmental support needed to build a successful Collaborative practice. That support comes in a variety of ways including professional resources, learning opportunities, and listing in CCDP’s on-line directory.

Annual CCDP Membership runs for one calendar year from time of payment.

Benefits of Becoming a CCDP Member:

  1. Membership within the CCDP Practice Group

  2. Monthly meetings with professional members who are practice Collaborative Law

  3. Monthly newsletter

  4. Free website links to your practice on the CCDP Website as well as a personalized profile online

  5. Collaborative training opportunities

  6. Discounts on trainings offered by and/or sponsored by CCDP

  7. Engage in role playing events to strengthen your understanding of the Collaborative process

  8. Explore opportunities to grow your Collaborative practice

  9. Mentoring available

Dues Levels

Our dues levels and requirements are modified to acknowledge the levels of experience and various professions amongst our members. We sought to employ a system that is at once equitable and focusing on encouraging the participation of new and less-experienced members. Dues levels vary by both profession and number of years of experience in Collaborative practice.

CCDP has four basic membership categories. To add to the cart, please select the category you best feel describes your role as a member of CCDP. Experience refers to the length of time spent working in Collaborative Practice.

  1. Attorney category, includes Member of the Judiciary. $125-$210

  2. Collaborative Divorce Facilitator category, includes Mental Health Professional (MHP), Counselors, Coaches. $75-$125

  3. Financial Neutral (Finance) category, includes Real Estate professionals and Appraisers $100-$175

  4. Affiliate category, includes Students $50 The Affiliate/Student level can be selected by anyone wishing to joining CCDP as a trial. Affiliates are ineligible for website listing, mentoring, and training discounts, and are not eligible to vote. Affiliates are exempt from the requirement to join IACP.

NOTE: Dues payments can be made by check made out to CCDP and mailing to PO Box 12469, Denver CO 80212. You will still need to complete this form, and go through checkout. Enter the code CHECK at payment to reduce your fee to zero. Your membership will begin the date the check is received. Please allow 3-5 business days for pick up. 

Please note, all first-time CCDP members who attended the Introduction to Collaborative Training receive a $50 credit towards their membership the following year when joining before February 1. Please enter the discount code you have received into the payment area in the next step.

Membership Contract 

Please agree to the following by initialing below:

  • I will pay annual CCDP Dues within 5 business days from submission of this form by submitting dues via the Membership Payment Page or via a check.

  • I will maintain membership in IACP, the umbrella organization for Collaborative practice groups and organizations world-wide**.

  • I will complete 5 hours of Collaborative Training, or devote time to Collaborative Training per year.

  • We highly encourage you to attend at least 3 of 8 Member Meetings per year if residing in the greater Denver Metro area. CCDP generally meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 9:00am at the Colorado Bar Association, 1900 Grant St, Denver. Attending Practice Group meetings or attending Collaborative Trainings will also fulfill this requirement.

**The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) is IACP membership is beneficial to create alliances, continue professional development, and maintain a strong reciprocal working relationship with CCDP. NOTE: CCDP Members are eligible for discounted "Whole Group" IACP Membership.