CCDP Membership Meetings

NOTE: New Location for September!
NOTE: NEW LOCATION #2 for October & November!

Join us in Sseptember for a presentation on The Psychological Aspects of Losing “Home” by Stephanie Brook.

We welcome you to attend a meeting of the Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals. CCDP member meetings usually occur on the fourth Wednesday of each month or are adjusted to accommodate holidays.  Meetings commence promptly at 9:00AM.

We welcome members to attend all meetings as part of member benefits, and ask that guests attend no more than 3 meetings before joining CCDP either as an affiliate or full member. Become a Member!

Call in to our meetings! Please try it out at our Membership Meetings if you can't make it. 

  • Dial-in Number:
    (605) 313-5143

  • Participant Code:

CCDP will be meeting in September 2019 in the Richard L. Robinson Board Room of the Rose Community Foundation at 600 S Cherry St #1200, Denver, CO 80246. The door to the suite will be unlocked from 8:45 a.m. to 9:05 a.m. and attendees will be greeted by a staff member at the front desk. If you come outside of that time you will have to ring the door bell and wait to be cleared to enter the suite.

CCDP will be meeting in October and November 2019 at 5613 DTC Parkway, Suite 750, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Please come up to the 7th floor.

Please note, CCDP does not validate parking for CCDP Meetings.

Meeting Topics

  • January 23 - Welcome to Collaborative. Now What? Meggin Rutherford, the Rutherford Law Center

  • February 27 - Supporting the Natural Process of Change in Your Divorcing Clients - Marian Lee, JD, ACC

  • March 27 - Marketing Committee Presentation - CCDP Board Members

  • April 24 - The Sexy Side of Stock Rights - Kristi Wells, Hunnicutt & Appelman PC

  • May 22 - Collaborative Professionals Role Play

  • June, July, & August - summer break, no regularly scheduled meetings

  • September 25 - The Psychological Aspects of Losing “Home” - Stephanie Brook

  • October 23 - Three Options for Handling Private Businesses in Divorce - Vera Divenyi

  • November 20 - Collaborative Client Intake - Barbara Shindell & Diana Powell

  • December - Winter Break


  • January 22 - Bringing the UCLA to Colorado - Terri Harrington

  • February 26 - Arbitration and the Collaborative Model - David Littman

  • March 25 - Board & Committee Bootcamp: What YouNeed to Know About

    Volunteering at CCDP - Kristi Wells

  • April 22 - Accounting for Gifted Children in the Divorce Process - Jenny Hecht

Past presentations include:


  • Work-shop on productive communication post-divorce. Christina Jensen, Civil Communicator

  • The Nuts and Bolts of the Facilitator's Role in Collaborative Divorce. Dr. Joyce Fine and Barbara Shindell, LCSW

  • How to guide your clients through dealing with the kids in divorce. Jane Irvine

  • What Financial Neutrals Want You To Know. Sandi Gumeson

  • LGBTQ Issues and Challenges - Rachel Catt & Karen Langsley

  • Online Marketing for Your Small Business - Catherine Tidd

  • How to help your clients move forward into a new family structure - Sandrine Perradin

  • Collaborative Practice Role Play


  • Your New Year's Shift Into Collaborative Practice - Diana Powell, CCDP President and Ann Gushurst, President of Gutterman Griffiths PC. Setting goals, screening cases, addressing client concerns, building teamwork, and more!

  • President-Elect of the IACP Board, Chris Farish discussed the value-proposition of joining IACP as well as CCDP, and how the Collaborative movement becomes richer by having more participants. 

  • Highly Sensitive People - Meggin Rutherford, CCDP Board Member. Ensuring that our highly sensitive clients, and their children, are on track for long term success.

  • Mediation Vs. Collaborative Practice - Sharon Sturges, Program Coordinator, Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution

  • Collaborative Arbitration - David Littman, CCDP Board Member. What it is and isn't, and how it works with or in lieu of collaborative divorce.

  • Implicit Bias - Brenidy Rice, Manager, Criminal Justice Programs Unit. Addressing bias in our practices and daily lives.

  • Reflective Practice: Enhancing Clarity, Curiosity and Compassion - Christie A. Coates, Alternative Dispute Resolution. Benefits to the practitioner, to their clients and to their collaborative groups of developing strong individual and group reflective practices. 

  • The Social Brain and Self Care for Collaborative Professionals - Nan Waller Barnett. The work of a collaborative professional is demanding emotionally and intellectually; yet, many of us enter our process every day without any intentional ritual of preparing ourselves for the difficult work that we do. 


  • Karen Alonge, Interpersonal Communication Consultant will present a session on Using Motivational Interviewing Skills to Facilitate Collaboration

  • Kathy Ziola, MA, NVC Trainer – will present a session on Non-Violent Communication & Facilitating Effective Communication

  • Robin Miller, PhD, Articulate Real & Clear: Working through Difficult Conversations; Tim Smith & Jan Parsons Smith of PrimeLending, Residential Mortgage Lending, Yesterday & Today

  • CCDP Expert Panel Role Play

  • Kathy Ziola, MA, of The Center for Nonviolent Communication will present a session on Better Empathy for Collaboration

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