Introducing the Idea of Collaborative Divorce to your Spouse

It is important for both parties to believe that the Collaborative Divorce approach is the best way to get divorced. If your relationship with your spouse is cordial, you can give him or her information about the process and website references.  If you think your spouse would accept information from a source other than yourself, brainstorm options with your attorney. 

Here are some possible ways to introduce your spouse to Collaborative Divorce:

  • Talk to your spouse directly.
  • Provide your spouse copies of articles, book titles,  and website references.
  • Think about who has your spouse’s ear–you can talk to and educate them about Collaborative Divorce. Family members, pastors, marriage counselors, individual counselors, and mutual friends often have the ability to present information more neutrally than it feels coming from their spouse.
Photo by izusek/iStock / Getty Images